What is the warranty on my Straight Talk phone?

There is a one year warranty on ST phones. They will not cover you dropping your phone into water, running over it with your car, dropping it out the window. “STRAIGHT TALK will repair or replace your phone and/or accessory that contains a manufacturer’s defect that hinders or prevents its proper operation for up to one year (90 days on all accessories) from date of purchase (proof of purchase required).” This quote is from the Tracfone Straight Talk website.

What is the cheapest monthly cost of using a Straight Talk Cellular from Wal-Mart phone?

You will have to spend at least $30 a month.

Can I change from the $30 a month Walmart Straight Talk plan to the $45 Unlimited?

Yes the next time you need to add a phone card you can change from one plan to the other.

Samsung R451c Samsung T301 Slider and Motorola Razr

Straight Talk from Walmart “Unlimited” is among the two programs sold through Straight talk.

The recently released Straight Talk Wireless Unlimited program is $45 thirty days. That includes Unlimited units, Unlimited text messages, and Unlimited data for your phone while using the Straight Talk Prepaid Unlimited plan. This is the best value Nationwide Unlimited program to be found.

Who is Straight Talk?

They are an alternative Prepay Wireless Cellular telephone operator which is a joint venture of Walmart, Verizon Wireless and Tracfone. Walmart is providing the marketing, Tracfone is providing the pay as you go mobile phone software and the customer service and Verizon Wireless is providing the cellphone network.

What is the Straight talk “All you Need” Plan?

All you Need is a different program that Tracfone Straight Talk can offer you. It is $30 per month and it includes 1000 minutes, 1, 000 texts, and 30 meg of data transfer. This is the best price available for units of pre paid cell minutes. For anybody who is not talking over 1, 000 minutes thirty days and you are spending more than$ 30 every thirty days this may be a better plan for you than the Unlimited plan. STMonst1-022010

More Straight Talk

More facts on Straight Talk Prepaid Pay as you go. The partnership between Walmart, Tracfone and Verizon has created a new company with the most cost- effective Mobile phone charges. The nicest cellular phone offered is the Straight Talk from Walmart Samsung R810c Finesse.

This Pay as you go cellular phone plan is more than enough to make you desire to Quit Your Cell Phone long term contract and begin saving money immediately. The plain Straight talk LG 200c Clam Shell Mobile and the Straight Talk Prepaid Prepaid Cellular phone Pricing are likely to take the cellular phone world by storm The Straight Talk from Walmart Unlimited$ 45 thirty days program is unheard of for a Nationwide calling program. Adding that it is also not a contract plan makes it more available and an even better value. Check out this Straight Talk Wireless Prepay Article.

Where can I purchase Tracfone Straight Talk Phones and Service?

The phones and service may be purchased at over 1800 Walmarts in the United States or online at Straight Talk.com

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